Facebook to begin running ads in WhatsApp in 2020

The ads will run in the 'Status' section

WhatsApp icon on phone

Facebook has confirmed that it will introduce ads to its popular WhatsApp messaging service in 2020.

The social network made the announcement at the Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands and the news was subsequently shared on Twitter by social media commentator Matt Navarra.

According to Facebook, ads will run in the ‘Status’ section, WhatsApp’s equivalent to the ‘Stories’ 24-hour ephemeral media feature in fellow Facebook-owned app Instagram.

WhatsApp’s ads will work similarly to Instagram Stories ads. As you scroll through the slideshow of your friends’ WhatsApp Statuses, you’ll encounter the occasional ad. As is the case with regular Statuses, these ads will take up the whole screen. You’ll then be able to swipe up to visit the advertiser’s promotional page or website.

Facebook hasn’t yet confirmed a specific rollout date for the WhatsApp ads beyond a vague 2020 window.

Source: 9to5Google