Public Mobile retires three of its ‘ready-made’ 3G speed plans [Update]

Public Mobile

Update 04/23/2019: The plans are no longer available.

Public Mobile is retiring several of its ‘ready-made’ plans.

Starting April 22nd at 11:59pm ET/8:59am PT the following three plans will expire:

  • $25 for 1GB at 3G speed
  • $40 for 5GB at 3G speed
  • $45 for 6.5GB at 3G speed

If the customer is already on one of these plans, no action is required and they remain will on their current plan. However, if the client switches to another plan, they will have to move back before April 22nd, as once the plan is expired it’s gone forever.

If any of these plans do appeal to you, there’s still a chance to switch over to them before April 22nd. Customers can change to one of these three plans and have it switch over on their next renewal date in the ‘Self-Serve‘ section of Public Mobile’s website. If the client chooses to do this the amount owed will get automatically updated on their renewal date.

If the client decides to cancel the future-dated plan, click on the ‘Plans and Add-Ons’ tab and select ‘Cancel Order.’

Source: Public Mobile