Google Pixel 4 turns up in comment on an AOSP code change

And so begins Pixel leak season

Pixel 3

April has just started and the Pixel leak season is already ramping up, with the Pixel 4 making a small appearance.

You may remember that 2018’s Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices were some of the most leaked phones ever. Many renders, photos and even videos of the device surface, plus it was spotted here in Toronto as well.

Google’s Pixel 4 has already turned up, but not in a video (for now, at least). Instead, a Google developer working on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) mentioned the phone by name in a comment on a code change submitted to the AOSP Gerrit, an online collaboration tool for submitting and reviewing code.

Not only does this confirm that the Pixel 4 is in development, but it suggests some developers might already have a preproduction unit for testing — although not this developer.

As for the code change, it holds little information about the future device. Instead, Google’s making changes to the Linux kernel used by Android. The comment mentioning the Pixel 4 is part of a conversation about a fix for an issue with Google’s ‘KASAN’ memory error detection tool.

This isn’t the first Pixel 4 news to show up, but other than sketchy design mockups, some nice looking renders and guesses based on features found in Android Q, this is the first legit leak for the new device.

Source: AOSP Gerrit Via: 9to5Google