Facebook launches #SheLeads safety guide for women leaders, partners with Equal Voice

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Facebook Canada launched the #SheLeads safety guide for women leaders in partnership with Equal Voice, the member based, multi-partisan group that advocates for electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada.

The new guide “aims to equip women leaders with the tools they need to use Facebook and Instagram effectively and safely during campaigns,” the social media giant said.

Some of these tools include learning about the features available for candidates to use on Facebook, using filter tools and learning how to ban and remove people directing abusive comments, and tips on growing their audience and connecting with people on the platform.

The guide was launched in Ottawa during the Daughters of the Vote event; an event that brings one young woman, one from each federal riding, to come to Parliament Hill and voice their vision for Canada.

“Social media has become a dynamic part of any political campaign, and as women, empowering ourselves by knowing how to use these tools effectively and safely is critical. This is something I’ve learned firsthand. Our partnership with Facebook on this guide will help female political candidates stay as safe as possible online while using the power of their tools to effectively spread their message, and connect with the issues that people in their community, region and country truly care about,” said Nancy Peckford, executive director of Equal Voice.

With respect to the upcoming federal election, in May, Facebook Canada rolled out the Ad Library tool that will require advertisers to “confirm their identities before running political, election-related and issue ads.”

In May, the social media giant said it will launch a new ‘Reality Check’ PSA, in partnership with MediaSmarts, which helps instruct political parties on how to verify information online during the campaign process.