Rogers and Fido now allow subscribers to buy more data if they go over their cap

Subscribers can add up to 10 data add-ons to their plan per month

Rogers and flanker brand Fido now allow subscribers to buy more data when they go over their cap.

This is exciting news for customers of the two carriers since previously if you went over your data cap, there was no way to add more data to your account.

As before, Rogers and Fido will send two SMS messages to subscribers, one when they hit 90 percent of their data cap and another when they hit 100 percent. The messages ask if the subscriber would like to buy a top up. Per the Wireless Code, when a customer reaches $50 of overage fees in a single month, a wireless provider must suspend further service, unless the account holder agrees to paying additional charges. Rogers and Fido will notify users at $150 and $250 in overage fees, but won’t stop the service.

If you bought a data add on, both Rogers and Fido will text you when you’ve used 70 percent of it.

Rogers will only notify the primary account holder of a Share Everything Plan when the account is close to its data limit.

Subscribers can purchase a top up without either Rogers or Fido first messaging them by texting “DATA” to 222. Similarly, they can cancel any add-ons by texting “Cancel” to 222.

Customers are required to remove any extra data manually or it will renew itself every month.

Subscribers can add up to 10 data add-ons to their plan.

The top-up prices are as follows:

  • 300MB for $10
  • 1.5GB for $20
  • 3GB for $30
  • 5GB for $45 (Rogers only)

We’ve reached out to Rogers for additional details.

Source: Rogers, Fido