Bugatti shows off custom 3D-printed brake caliper

3D printing might be used for even more car parts in the future

Volkswagen-owned Bugatti has shown off the latest advancements in braking technology using 3D printing.

Bugatti posted a video showing off a few tests with the new brake calipers, and it’s a sight to see.

In the controlled test, Bugatti cranks the speed of a simulated brake mechanism all the way to 375 km/h and then slows it down by using a 3D printed brake caliper.

Bugatti built the brake using an advanced method that involves lasers and titanium powder.

The company then heat treated it and used a milling machine to shape it.

The whole process takes approximately 66 hours to complete according to a Volkswagen Auto Group press release. 

Since the process is so time-consuming, it’s unlikely that regular cars will use this type of brake.

Bugatti works with a performance-first mindset, so the lightweight 3D-printed calipers are worth it.

Source: Volkswagen (YouTube), Volkswagen Auto Group