Google+ is shutting down early following additional data leak

Google has accelerated the end of Google+

It looks like Google’s social network Google+ is shutting down in April of 2019 instead of August due to a second data leak.

The second data leak occurred as part of an update to the platform. Nevertheless, it exposed the personal data of 52.2 million users, including profile information such as email addresses, jobs, age and more.

The data that was leaked to developers who worked on Google+, though Google claims that the information hasn’t been used in a malicious way.

The data leaked due to a bug in the Google+ API. This means that any apps or services that requested permission to view a user’s profile information were granted access, even if the account was set to private.

That said, the leak didn’t share any fraud related information like passwords, identification numbers or financial data.

This has resulted in the search giant opting to shutter the consumer-facing part of the service a few months early in April 2019.

Source: Google