Facebook looks back at 2018, completely forgets about Cambridge Analytica scandal

The company is taking a positive look at the rocky 2018

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Facebook has shared its 2018 Year in Review information in an effort to highlight how users connected on the platform, but the social network may have missed a few things.

Facebook mentions that users on the social network connected in three main ways throughout 2018.

People “made their voices heard about issues that mattered to them, they joined together in celebration of global moments in culture, and they honoured prominent figures who have had a significant impact around the world,” said a Facebook spokesperson in a statement.

What Facebook seems to have forgotten to mention is that millions of people also had their personal data harvested by Cambridge Analytica without their knowledge.

Nothing brings people together quite like having their data used for political ad targeting and insight, though it’s not surprising the social network left this fact out of its year in review.

This was a big moment for Facebook and its users since it prompted a global conversation regarding the ethical ramifications of sharing data on social media platforms.

Facebook did mention that International Women’s Day and the March for Our Lives for the survivors of the Parkland school shooting were the two most talked about moments on the platform this year.

Facebook uses its data to determine the most talked about keywords on the social network, then cross-references this information with keywords from previous years to cut events that get talked about every year.

The social network is also building customized Year in Review videos for users similar to last year.