Sony’s PlayStation Classic features a hidden emulation options menu

PlayStation Classic

While the PlayStation Classic’s emulation of retro PS1 games has been criticized for being shoddy, it looks like there is a hidden options menu that solves at least some of the console’s minor issues.

According to various reports on Twitter, to access the hidden menu you’ll need to connect a USB keyboard to the console and press the ESC button. With this in mind though, it also seems like not every USB keyboard is capable of navigating to the secret menu.

The video below explains how to access the menu, though do so at your own risk as there reportedly is a risk of bricking the console, according to various reports on Twitter.

Given that the PlayStation Classic runs games on the open source PCSX ReARMed emulator, which by default offers many customization settings, it makes sense that Sony’s console would feature similar settings.

Through this hidden menu, users can change the video output mode, including adding CRT TV style scan lines to the PlayStation Classic, as well as ‘load CD image’ setting, possibly indicating that the console is capable of running downloaded or ripped PlayStation disc images.

Other settings include ‘Frameskip,’ ‘Region,’ and ‘[BIOS/Plugins].’

Sony’s PlayStation Classic officially launched on December 3rd and is available at a variety of retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon, for $139.

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