Lyft is offering Torontonians $480 in transportation credits to ditch their car for a month

Lyft, Zipcar and Toronto Bike Share want you to "Ditch Your Car"

San Francisco, California-based on-demand transportation company Lyft is launching a new contest aimed at getting Torontonians to ditch their car for a month.

Part of a 35 city initiative dubbed ‘Ditch Your Car,’ the promotion will see Lyft, Zipcar and Toronto Bike Share, offer $480 CAD in transportation credits to 50 Toronto residents. The breakdown in credits is as follows:

  • $300 in Lyft Shared credit. Shared is Lyft’s carpooling service.
  • $50 in Bike Share Toronto Credit in the form of a special 30-day access pass.
  • One-month Zipcar membership and free activation, plus $100 drive credit (together, the two are valued at $130 total)

To enter the contest, Toronto residents are required to share their name and email address with Lyft via the official contest web page the company has set up.

The company will pick 50 winners random. According to the official rules of the Ditch Your Car challenge, those 50 individuals will be required to fill out a survey in order to claim their prize.

Torontonians have until the end of September 30th to enter the contest. Transportation credits become active on October 8th and last until November 6th.

Source: Lyft