Hydro Ottawa warning customers to not click on scam text messages

A new scam is informing customers that they can get a refund if they click on a link within a message

Ottawa-based electricity distribution company Hydro Ottawa is warning customers of a text scam that claims to offer a refund if clicked.

Hydro Ottawa informed customers of this new scam in an August 15th, 2018 tweet.

While the company is warning customers to be wary, Hydro Ottawa hasn’t provided any additional details about the contents of the scam message.

As it stands, however, everyone should be wary of any unsolicited text message or email advertising monetary rebates, refunds or any other perks.

It’s also worth noting that unsolicited scam messages sent to customers who haven’t given consent to receive such messages falls under the jurisdiction of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Anyone concerned about potential text message scams can submit a report to Canada’s Spam Reporting Centre using the online CASL portal.

Source: Hydro Ottawa Twitter