Google Search tool helps quickly compare between topics

Google HQ

Google has introduced a new way to quickly search for relevant information that can help users look at multiple aspects of a single topic simultaneously.

For example, users can now look up DC vs Marvel and a panel filled with relevant subtopics will appear.

In its press release, the company uses the example of conducting a search on the differences between quartz and granite, which displays information such as the cost, benefits, weight and durability. However, this new method works for more than just comparison.

Another example Google provides is when a user looks up ’emergency fund’. A panel will appear giving users a quick view of the recommended size, the purpose and importance of an emergency fund and more.

Google says it generated the panels using its understanding of various topics. The company wants the new format to help guide users with useful aspects of a given topic and so that the most relevant results become available.

Google’s new quick search for relevant information will roll out over the next few days.

We’v reached out to Google Canada to verify Canadian availability.

Source: Google News