Google Lens is rolling out to Sony’s XZ2 smartphones

Google Lens has started to roll out to Sony’s XZ2 family of smartphones.

The Sony XZ2 and XZ2 Compact are both beginging to receive updates that add Google Lens integration to the camera app.

To get Lens with Sony’s latest devices users will have to update the Google app to its latest version. The update is just rolling out today so most users might have to wait a day or two for it to arrive on their device.

Google Lens lets users of these devices open the camera app and point it at places and things in order to identify them and add contextual information.

Lens originally launched as a Pixel-exclusive feature but it has slowly been making its way to more android smartphones. Google has since started to expand the feature to Sony, Motorola, OnePlus and more phones since I/O.

Lens is also capable of reading text off of things like a menu in order to help explain whatever the text actually means to the user. It’s also even possible to copy and paste words out of the real world.

Source: Sony