iFrogz Cocoon neckbud charger is a brilliant little charging case for your headphones

Not a huge battery but this device works surprisingly well

Device accessory manufacturer iFrogz recently announced a wireless headphone charging case called the Cocoon.

The Cocoon aims to be the like an AirPod charging case, but for neckbuds. The device features a 580mAh battery and is capable charging a pair of neckbuds around five times, according the company.

I’ve only tested the Cocoon with my Beats X headphones a few times and so far the charger has surprisingly worked great.

Cocoon neckbud charger

The Cocoon’s hardware is great looking with soft-touch plastic that resembles back of the Nexus 5 and fabric sides that feel like a Google Home Mini. The device is fairly small, allowing it to fit in a bag easily, but I did find that I felt my headphones were also crammed inside the case.

I think anyone that doesn’t have a small charging cord that measures in at less than six inches, will be really hard pressed to fit the cord and their headphones inside the Cocoon.

On the bottom of the container, there’s a small light that’s broken up into four sections showing how much battery the Cocoon has left.

The Cocoon comes in red and black and blue and grey variants, with each one costing $30 USD plus shipping.