Canada’s hottest streetwear brand is… No Frills

Pushing carts and breaking hearts

No Frills is using its iconic yellow and black branding to create a line of streetwear-inspired clothes.

The brand is called Hauler and the shirts can be previewed right now at Hauler.com. So far there are two short-sleeved T-shirts and a long-sleeved tee in bright banana yellow and a lone black hoodie.

There are no prices yet, but there is an Instagram account that showcases the clothing out in the real world.

According to the Instagram account, the shirts will drop on May 7th and they can be bought online. It also seems like the shirts will be available in some physical locations, since they have a list of cities on the back along with a few Instagram posts that share some store names — so keep your eyes peeled and you might see a pop-up shop in your local No Frills on the 7th.

Below, find my fashion critiques.

 While I was never a No Frills employee myself, I had tons of friends who worked at the local Sterling’s No Frills and they would would call this look “pushing carts and breaking hearts.”

This look kind of confuses me because it looks like something an actual No Frills worker would wear, but I am a sucker for the twist on the “thank you for shopping” slogan.
Gonna be honest here, the fact that No Frills created a streetwear brand and didn’t put a single banana anywhere was throwing me off but the more I’ve looked at the shirts I can only congratulate them on their bravado. This is almost as courageous as Apple dropping the headphone jack, except this move might actually pay off.

This isn’t the first group that has capitalized on No Frills branding. The Parkdale Life group created some No Frills inspired streetwear shirts that sold out in 45 minutes when they went on sale in 2017. The proceeds from the Parkdale Life shirts were all donated to the Parkdale Food Bank, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the profits from the the Hauler-branded clothing.

Image credit: Hauler

Source: Hauler, Toronto Star