Facebook launches Messenger Kids ‘sleep mode’ for more parental control

Facebook Messenger app on phone

Facebook has begun rolling out a ‘Sleep Mode’ feature to Messenger Kids, offering parents greater control over their children’s social media use.

With sleep mode, parents can set a designated time for the Messenger Kids app to shut down and remain inaccessible during this period. Parents can control sleep mode from the Parent Control centre through their own regular Facebook accounts.

When active, sleep mode prevents kids from sending or receiving messages or video calls and from playing with the creative camera or receiving notifications. Any attempt to open Messenger Kids will be met with a message telling the child the app is in sleep mode and that they should come back later.

Parents can access Messenger Kids controls in the main Facebook app. Facebook says additional resources can be found in the dedicated Parents Portal at facebook.com/safety/parents.

In other Facebook youth messaging news, a report from last week suggested that the company is working on a Slack-like version of Messenger for students.

Source: Facebook