Bell will bring all-fibre optic network to 60,000 premises in Oshawa starting this fall

The carrier is investing $100 million in bringing its all-fibre network to the city

Bell building

After launching an all-fibre optic network in Toronto in early April, Bell has announced its intention to do the same in Oshawa, Ontario.

Bell says it is investing $100 million CAD to deploy its ‘pure fibre internet’ to approximately 60,000 homes and businesses in Oshawa. The service offers a 100 percent fibre connection to the premises, allowing for matching upload and download speeds up to 1Gbps. Bell notes the network is designed to ultimately deliver speeds of 40Gbps ‘and beyond.’

The Oshawa network, due to begin rolling out this fall, is part of Bell’s plan to deploy all-fibre connections to 1.3 million premises through the Greater Toronto Area and 905 region surrounding Toronto and extending to the U.S. border.

The carrier says it will work closely with Oshawa Power & Utilities Commission as well as local contractors Telecon for fibre installation. The deployment will include more than 240 kilometres of new fibre installed underground and on several hundred Bell and OPUC poles.

The deployment will also help with Bell’s future 5G wireless deployments, since fibre backhaul will be necessary to meet 5G’s network performance goals.

Oshawa is known as an automotive hub, and houses Durham College and a Trent University campus. It was also selected as a Smart21 Community by the Intelligent Community Forum for its smart city efforts.

Source: Bell