Freedom Mobile has completed its refarming of AWS-1 spectrum

The company continues on rolling out 2,500MHz and 700MHz spectrum

Freedom Mobile

Regional carrier Shaw Communications has announced that it has completed the refarming of 10MHz of AWS-1 spectrum across Freedom Mobile’s entire network.

Refarming refers to the process by which traditionally 2G frequency bands are repurposed for 3G and 4G network technology.

In an April 12th, 2018 media release, the company also said that it continues to roll out its 2,500MHz and 700MHz.

In a phone call discussing the company’s Q2 2018 fiscal results, CEO Brad Shaw said that the company is expected to complete its rollout of 2,500 and 700MHz spectrum by fiscal 2019.

MobileSyrup previously reported that Freedom Mobile’s existing AWS-1 (Band 4) spectrum had rolled out to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Additionally, Freedom Mobile previously confirmed that it’s currently testing Band 13 LTE in select markets, including Vancouver.

Source: Shaw

Update 12/04/2018 10:45am ET: Story updated with additional information.