SafeZone secure web browser rebrands as Avast, adds new features

A browser that is both faster and more secure

Avast on phone

The Avast Secure Browser was revamped today with a new name and features.

The browser, previously known as SafeZone, has taken the mantle of being one of the most secure and private browsers on the market. Avast is based on the Chromium browser framework and is designed to be a leader in three areas of web browsing: speed, security and privacy.

In terms of speed, Avast claims to load web pages four times faster than other popular browsers, all while being secure against ransomware, phishing, and malware. The browser also has another layer of security when users enable the ‘banking mode’ which protects users payment card information and passwords.

Avast says its adblocking software is what helps web pages load faster, due to the fact that the browser doesn’t have to load ads alongside the regular webpage.

Along with adblocking, Avast ships with anti-tracking and anti-fingerprinting features to help protect users from profile building, mass surveillance and other invasions of privacy online.

Avast manages these features in its ‘Security and Privacy Centre’ to make it easier for users to manage their browsers setting all on one web page.

The browser is currently available on Windows with mobile versions for iOS and Android coming at some point during 2018.

Source: Avast Via: Engadget