Xbox One X and S update automatically switches your TV to ‘game mode’

Xbox One X

Most televisions have a special display mode that’s designed to reduce on-screen lag by disabling image processing.

While a useful feature, remembering to switch back and forth between both settings is difficult, especially if you don’t use your TV just for playing games.

Among a number of other upcoming Xbox One updates is a new ‘Auto Low Latency Mode.’ When this feature is enabled, compatible TVs (which includes some Samsung models) automatically switch to your television’s lag-free setting when the Xbox is running. When the Xbox is off, the TV switches back to its normal viewing mode. It’s unclear how many televisions are compatible with this new feature.

Variable refresh rates are also coming to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X when the console is connected to a monitor that support AMD’s FreeSync — technology that synchronizes refresh rate timing of the display with the console’s GPU. Support for the 1440p resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) has been added to the X and the S consoles as well. Edge browser support for downloads and uploads, as well as Twitter sharing that shows off media in-line, are also coming to Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles.

It will also soon be possible to share your game controller with viewers when livestreaming on Mixer, a feature the company hinted at earlier this month.

Source: Xbox