Canadian player ‘Agilities’ slices through Philadelphia Fusion in last night’s Overwatch League


While the Overwatch League doesn’t have its own Canadian team, there are many Canadian players in the league.

Canadian players Brady ‘Agilities’ Giradi and Stefano ‘Verbo’ Disalvo definitely made a big impact on last night’s Los Angeles’ Valiant versus Philadelphia Fusion game.

Valiant sweeped the Fusion 4-0.

‘Agilities’ cleaned up the final game on the Mexican map Dorado by killing Fusion’s Tracer, Winston and Mercy with a single one of Genji’s Swift Strike. While ‘Agilities’ blade was sharp, this was ‘Verbo’s’ first time playing a standard Overwatch League game. While talk of ‘Verbo’ subbing in for ‘Unkoe’ had many worried, the healer-main had no problem working with his team and getting mostly well-timed Mercy Valkyrie ultimates and resurrecting his teammates.

While Canadian Valiant members did very well last night, French player ‘SoON’ got kills faster than the eye can register with his Tracer.

The second game of the night was Florida Mayhem versus Los Angeles Gladiators. This match was a little closer than the previous Valiant versus Fusion match. However, Gladiators won the third match on Oasis, securing themselves the win. The team did lose the fourth match on Junkertown, however, which helps Mayhem’s overall score.

While Canada’s Surefour played a killer DPS (damage per second), Gladiators’ star players were definitely Finnish player Benjamin ‘BigGoose’ Isohanni and South Korean-born Canadian Hyung-seok ‘Bischu”Aaron’ Kim.

The last match of the day was Houston Outlaws versus San Francisco Shock. Outlaws’ one Canadian player Chris ‘Bani’ Benel nearly consistently played all four matches, with the exception of the third map, Oasis. The team defeated Shock beating them three to one, with a two point win on fourth map, Dorado.

After last night’s games, Houston Outlaws, Philadelphia Fusion and Los Angeles Valiant remain in the top six standings, on their way to the stage one playoffs occurring February 10th.

On today’s schedule, Philadelphia Fusion will face off against Dallas Fuel, who suspended Canadian player Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel less than two weeks ago for offensive homophobic comments against Houston Outlaws’ player Muma. New York Excelsior will play against Shanghai Dragons, and London Spitfire will battle against Seoul Dynasty.