Apple unveils its Black Friday deals

iPads and iPhones and iMacs, oh my


  • Marshall Davidson

    This is one cheap azz company. Gift cards? My gawd. Considering the margins these guys make on nearly all their products you’d think they’d be willing and able to discount enough on the stuff people want to buy to make it worthwhile.
    I mean to offer a kickback of $35 to spend nearly six bills on an Apple Watch or $70 on iPhones going for nearly a grand or a mere $200 on Macs going for near two grand is just pathetic.

    If this isn’t a sign of greed then I don’t know what is.

    • Surveillance

      Speaking of greed. If they discount their products much more than that then people are only going to resell them for profit, and Apple knows this. It’s not greed on their end, it’s intelligence.

    • Marshall Davidson

      That’s ridiculous. Some people are just looking for a good deal and more than $35 or $70 incentive to buy the stuff. I can only assume your comment was tongue in cheek.

    • Smanny

      Really is that why Apple is still selling iPhone 6s’s? Because people are looking to make profit off of either a 1 year old iPhone 7 or a 2 year old iPhone 6s? Give me a break.

    • ciderrules

      Nothing like proving to everyone you know nothing about business.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Yeah, just like you know absolutely nothing from a consumers standpoint. Only a fanboy like you would cheer on the handing out of measly gift cards as an incentive to buy overpriced products to begin with.

    • ciderrules

      Not only do you know nothing about business, but you can’t read (or you like to lie).

      The $35 discount is on the Apple Watch Series 1, which starts at $329, not “six bills” like you claimed. And the iPhone discount is only on older models (SE, 6S or 7). Which shows the stupidity of your “nearly a grand” comment.

      No company offers discounts on products that are selling as fast as they can make them. Which is why the Watch 3, iPhone 8 and iPhone X aren’t on sale. And when companies do put hot sellers on sale, there’s always a catch (like forcing you to sign a contract or having a limit of 10 per store to get people to line up).

      What consumer standpoint? From cheap-a$$ people who expect things to be given to them for free? Or people who don’t make enough money to buy things they like and therefore the company should sell them for less? Companies aren’t charities.

    • Marshall Davidson

      LOL! Wow. A first gen Apple Watch for $35 off? Now that’s something to get orgasmic about. They can’t offer a discount on the Series 2 at a minimum but rather the stuff they’re trying to clear out and that no one wants really. Well, no one except you perhaps.
      Same with the iPhone 7. Sure, they may not offer discounts on 8 or X but really they’re pushing incentives for a 6 and SE? smh.

      And who said anything about getting stuff for free huh? Your comment about ‘make enough money to buy things they like’ is really a low blow to say nothing of ridiculous. You think you’re the only one who can afford to buy this stuff? Talk about an a-hole comment. It never crosses your mind that others are more discerning buyers than you are and don’t believe in throwing money away on stuff to buy products that are so cheap to make to begin with or enticed by BS incentives to clear out junk that is two or three years old already.

      Its hard not to laugh and cry reading your tripe.

    • ciderrules


      All you do is whine about how much stuff costs and get mad at people who buy things you think are too expensive. Your rants scream of someone mad at the world and people who are better off than they are. You’re going to live a miserable life if it revolves around how others are doing instead of being happy where you are.

    • Marshall Davidson

      You’re ridiculous. You think this is about affordability when it’s about the stinginess of the company.
      Only an insecure douche would frame a discussion about how you think you can afford something and others can’t and that must be the reason I commented here. Give your head a shake pal

    • gommer strike

      It’s a great thing that we all have the option not to buy Apple, ya? Choice is great.

  • basesloadedwalk

    Apple Black Friday deal. Instead of having to give up your first 2 born children, this black Friday only requires your first born child in exchange for an iPhone 8.