City of Toronto announces partnership with traffic app Waze

Toronto will be formally working with Waze to improve the app’s traffic and navigation data in the city


  • CodyS

    So did the City of Montreal, not sure why its not mentioned here.

  • Mr Dog

    This is so silly. Why not just open the traffic data to everyone. So we start seeing creative uses off it from startups, individual developers and such. Would be so much better than just allowing the big guys to take the data.

  • SmellyOaf

    Does this mean Google maps get more up to date about road closures as well, by extension of ownership?

    • PΞTΞЯ™

      I would assume so. Google maps is closely tied to Waze’s input for updating traffic conditions.

  • Stuntman06

    Their pretty up to date for Vancouver. Last week got a notification about a crash on one of the bridges about a half hour before I normally leave for work. I was able to take an alternate one. Was still late for work, but not as late if I hadn’t taken the alternate route.

  • Sighmonsez

    So, is it now legal to use our phone during driving?