Uber makes it clear service animals are welcome with new policy

Uber logo on a wall

Uber has launched a new service animal policy and communication protocol across Canada.

While it has always been against Canada’s laws and Uber’s non-discrimination policy to deny service to individuals because they travel with a service animal, this service animal policy will ensure drivers are fully aware of their obligations and the consequences of their actions.

If an Uber driver denies service, the company will review the complaint and decide whether it’s valid. If more than one complaint is filed, the driver will lose access to Uber’s driver app.

Uber’s policy notes that not all service animals are easily identifiable and suggests drivers ask for a document or government-issued service animal card if they are unsure.

If, after providing the documents, a driver refuses service, Uber users can file a complaint. To file the complaint, they can navigate to the “I want to report a service animal issue” link within the complaint screen, accessible through both the trip details screen and the account menu button. Complaints can also be filed on the Uber website.

Lastly, riders cannot be charged a cleaning fee for shedding by their service animal. If charged, riders will be refunded any of those fees. If a service animal makes a mess, the rider cannot be charged on the first or second reported mess. The third incident may result in a charge, but the rider can argue the charge by responding to the fee notification email.