British Columbia to increase distracted driving fines by March 1, 2018

The provincial insurance provider will charge drivers more if they accumulate two distracted driving tickets in a three-year period


  • Captain H. Morgan

    Normally, I’ll be pissed because insurance company kept on increasing rates but I’ll go with this one for the sake of public safety.

  • Anonymous Agent

    It’s just a money grab from the Government they always come out with ways to grab more cash from everyone’s pockets. People hate tax increases so they come up with tricks to bully people out of their money to make more money as a monopoly. If they did care about public safety then they wouldn’t take money from people. They would just do license suspension on third warning. And mandatory classroom education on driving safe and volunteer hours. But no all they care about is free revenue to rip people off from people’s moneg they earn as a sneaky tax.

    • cayaguy

      It’s actually not funny or a political cash grab. For too long Chinese people have been coming to Vancouver and abusing the system. They get tickets. Cars impounded. Doesn’t matter the next day they are driving a brand new car without a license. $2000 is pennies when you spend $100,000+ in a car. The behaviour is disgusting and people should be outraged as we ALL pay for that with out provincial insurance premiums. So this Is welcome news I only wish it was far far more severe!

    • MoYeung

      I see local people break the law everyday, but i don’t see any luxury cars driven by chinese people involved in accidents.

      People drive brand new car next day, when their cars were impounded yesterday and without driver’s license? Why do you lie like that?

    • Garrett Cooper

      “I see local people break the law everyday, but i don’t see any luxury cars driven by chinese people involved in accidents.”, wow, defending much? There was a story on a lady who was doing just this a year or so ago. Pretty sure you were defending it then too. I’m in Calgary, but I’ve seen people of all races cause accidents.

      Also, often times it’s not the person doing the distracted driving who gets into the accident, they cause it by forcing others to react.

    • MoYeung

      That lady you mentioned was targeted by “someone’s” selective enforcement of the law.
      The fact is I really don’t see Benz, BMW, Lexus involved in accidents, while I see tons of American junk cars got broken bumpers, windshield all the time on the road.

    • Garrett Cooper

      She was on her phone while driving, that’s breaking the law and deserves a ticket. Nothing to do with being “targeted”.

      And no, people cause accidents, not weather. I’ve lived in winter climates driving for more than 10 years, and have not had an accident. Even in the worst conditions.

  • MoYeung

    “This means a driver with two distracted driving tickets in a three-year period will see their total financial penalties rise to as much as $2,000 ― an increase of $740 over the existing penalties. This is in addition to their regular insurance premium.”

    This is government sanctioned highway robbery.

  • KiwiBri

    This is great news! Maybe they can suspend the licenses after 3 times? On my people complaining are the people who break the rules.

  • Marshall Davidson

    This is just another cash grab and really its proven when they say it’ll be used to offset insurance rates in that province that have been continually rising, not I might add, because of distracted driving offences primarily but because of insurance fraud and increases in car crashes and vehicle damage overall. You might as well increase fines across the board to be fair to all forms of bad driving but the DPP is a slush fund. People should be aware that DPP fines have no impact on actual auto insurance in B.C. because insurance there is based on claims, not your driving record per se. A person with means could afford to pay off a DPP that tops out at $24,000 and still drive with low insurance if they’ve had no accidents and yack away on their phone to their hearts content.
    I don’t really think any level of penalty will prevent these kinds of behavours as evidenced by drunk driving infractions that really haven’t decreased much over the years and in many cases increased.