Apple’s new desktop operating system macOS High Sierra is now available

macOS High Sierra

The latest version of Apple’s macOS operating system, dubbed macOS High Sierra, is now available in Canada.

While Apple’s High Sierra update is mostly iterative, it includes a number of refinements and lays the future foundation for Apple’s virtual reality and augmented reality ambitions.

New features include a revamped Apple File System (APFS), which the tech giant says cuts down on accomplishing simple tasks like copying and cutting and pasting files. AFS also adds increased security to the OS, including built-in encryption, crash-safe protections and a new way to backup data on the go, all built on 64-bit architecture.

Additionally, Apple has added improvements to the company’s Photos app, including improved organization, Live Photo compatibility and a new Memories category. Photos now includes built-in editing tools such as a curves palette and a selective colour dropper.

The tech giant says that Safari has been updated to perform 80 percent faster when compared to Google’s Chrome operating system. In High Sierra, Safari also automatically removes ads that auto-play — ads still appear, but now feature a play button.

Other improvements include a more natural sounding voice for Siri, Notes’ UI getting revamped, and Apple’s Metal 2 coding language, among a wash of other features.

To download the new operating system, navigate over to your Mac’s ‘About’ page and select ‘Software Update.’ Alternatively, you can open up the App Store and then select ‘Updates.’ If neither of these methods work, follow this link to prompt your computer to download macOS High Sierra.