Rumoured Apple TV 4K to feature three-core A10X Fusion CPU and 3GB of RAM


  • Jon Duke


  • Stephen B Morris

    “Trought0n-Smith says the the Apple TV carries such a performance-heavy SoC because the A10 series might be required to play 4K 60FPS content. This would make sense with other rumours indicating that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X will shoot in 4K 60FPS.”

    Wait, what?!

    • ciderrules

      He’s wrong. Look at the other SoCs used in Chromecast, Fire or Roku. Vastly underpowered compared to the A10X and theycan do 4K.

      Decoding and displaying 4K is nowhere near as processor intensive as capturing and encoding it.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Totally agree. But the part about the phones possibly shooting 4K at 60fps, how accurate can that rumour be? Cause if this chip can do that…

      Also I’m pretty sure I saw a screen shot that shows that it supports HLG as well. Seeing that Bell is advertising the regular Apple TV as a STB replacement, this would make sense as a 4K box replacement. But that would require Bell to be forward thinking. That’s not one of their strengths.

    • Brad Fortin

      The 4K 60fps bit was part of the leak from the weekend, possibly on both the back-facing and front-facing cameras (especially useful for selfie AR). The leak shows it’ll also support 1080p 240fps, and something new called “portrait lighting”.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Well I guess we will find out today. If that is true then I am legitimately impressed. That is something I wanted my phone to be able to do for a while. Apple is slowly checking off all of my boxes. I hope this rumour is true. It’s a shame that they have their iOS only philosophy. They would make a an excellent Android phone. Or at least make a ton of money licensing out their SoC to Android OEMs.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Merely brings it up to where the NVIDIA Shield has been for some time. Nothing to see here really.