CanCon Podcast Ep. 80: Would your company fire Google’s memo writer?


  • Kelly Lesperance


  • toysandme

    Anyone stupid enough to tell the truth these days deserves to be fired. SJWs rule!

    • MoYeung

      Stupid enough to tell the truth? Isn’t honesty the best policy? People would respect you more (you are entitled to your views) if you are honest about it.

    • Abel

      Apparently, not in these days of excessive “political-correctness” in which things cannot be called by their names. And I mean this whether or not you agree with his point of view on this, or any other, subject.

      Mankind is gradually “un-evolving” to a point in which soon (well, maybe not *that* soon, but, say, a couple of centuries) there will be no progress because no one will dare question the status quo. And it’s no secret that at the root of all the advancements (technological or not) lies the innate quality of human beings of wondering and questioning.

  • TheTechSmith

    Someone saying that at my work will most definitely get kicked out. These people that are being discriminated against, if they know what their doing, we’ll hire them!