Former SaskTel employee stole 235 cellphones from the carrier


  • vn33

    Now, if she sold those phones with a Corp plan, she would have made a killing 😛

  • Anonymous Agent

    Couldn’t saskel track the stolen phones by the IMEI to recover the stolen phones. I’m sure theres a way to to what carrier the phone is currently on if buyers unlocked them and using them on a different carrier or on their own network by tracking the IMEI or how bout blacklisting the stolen devices and then seeing when those buyers phone In regarding their phone being blacklisted and have a IMEI database to research the stolen devices. Doesn’t saskel track which phones by IMEI where legitably sold and which ones just vanished without scanning the bar code before leaving the store. I’m sure they can do something to recover those stolen phones either blacklisting them or tracking the IMEI of each device.

    • Dimitri

      Even if they can do that which they can, they will have to pay each person back the amount they paid for the devices they got. So in the end it would be best just to let it be and make a lose, take the woman to court and they will get their money back that way.

    • Anonymous Agent

      No they wouldn’t have to pay each person to get the stolen phones back. Because being in possession of stolen articles is a crime. Those people would be in lose of those phones and the money they got. Each of them would need to take that girl to civil court and Sue her to get their money back. And each phone she sold would be a count each for a charge by the police from each buyer under the sale of stolen property and other charges. Plus more charges for stealing the phones from the store on top would be theft over $5000 plus perhaps fraud depending how she stole the phones if she did improper paperwork to get them out of the store.

    • Dimitri

      It all depends on how they take it. I know someone that worked at the Best Buy which I worked at and stole more then $5,000 worth of products within 2 years. He got caught and the management and he was office asked to pay back everything instead of giving everything back. The police was not involved and he was banned from all the Best Buys and internally was flagged. So it all depends on how Sasktel takes it route. Not all companies will do what you or I think. It’s up to them.

  • Techguru86

    How do you steal that many devices and not get noticed earlier ? It’s a huge number to not notice .

    • Dimitri

      Not that hard. Seen it happen at Best Buy where I worked. Someone stole quite a few products ( ranging over 100) within 2 years. They saw it later on within the inventory account and investigation on why many items are missing. You can always change the inventory sheets and scans to show what u want. They most likely noticed it once they had to order more device in vs how many actually got sold

  • Jonathon__Lucas

    It could be the crow-bar hotel for her………how can she pay it back after Sasktel fired her? 235 phones, that’s a lot of $$$. E.I. doesn’t pay that well………… and good luck getting another job with no resume to hand over.

  • She probably sold the people nice paperweights if they live in the USA or Canada, as I can almost guarantee their IMEIs got blacklisted.

  • Bader Al-Hussaini

    on my previous work we handle one of the big 3 phones a manager stole 2 skids of iphone. Image that 1 box is 10 pcs iphone 1 skid is 50 to 75 box.