Android Pay is now available in Canada [Video]


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  • Roger

    It was pretty quick for me when I used it on my LG G6. I didn’t even turn on the phone, just tapped with NFC enabled, and it worked just like tapping an actual card on the terminal. One thing is that I don’t always have NFC on, so it takes a few seconds while in the line to enable the NFC.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    My Bank has own Android Pay System so I don’t need it
    Plus android Pay nothing can be unlocked Including your boatloader
    No Thanks

  • QueBall

    Does not allow me to add PC Financial debit card.

    That sucks.

    BMO Mastercard works. Used it a few times. Sobeys, & Costco gas pump.

  • DJJoeJoe

    RBC still not supported as of today 🙁

  • Andrew Holt

    I’m a TD customer and got Android Pay to work with a bit of a workaround. Had to sign up for a TD cross border account and get a US based TD debit card. Only downside is I have to pay for things in US dollars and factor in the exchange rate.

    • Troll

      That’s a terrible workaround man, lol

  • Heather J Morrow Hills

    No TD means I will wait patiently. Not switching banks for Android Pay.