Samsung unveils new stretchable display

Samsung unveiled its latest display technology earlier this week at the Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Unlike flexible OLED displays Samsung has shown off in the past, which could only be formed in one direction, the company’s new screen can bend both ways. When pressed from above, the display stretches like a balloon, only to return to its original shape after mere moments. All this while maintaining image quality and resolution.

The specific unit Samsung showed off at SID 2017 was 9.1-inches, making it perfect for tablet devices. That said, the company notes it could scale the technology to a variety of different sizes and applications, including future wearables and devices that fall under the internet of things.

Samsung says the display “is considered to be a very promising future technology,” which is to say we probably won’t see it make its way into any consumer-facing device anytime soon. Just last year, it appeared Samsung was on the verge of releasing a foldable display smartphone with a company executive going on record to say bendable displays were “right around the corner.”

However, earlier this year, an engineer with Samsung Display said the success of the Galaxy S8 made Samsung rethink its decision to launch a foldable display smartphone in 2017. The company is now expected to launch a smartphone that incorporates a bendable display before the end of the decade.

In the meantime, CES 2018 is going to be wild.