Telus begins migration of Bell MTS customers this week


About 100,000 current Bell MTS wireless customers will find out if they are being migrated to Telus over the next two months.

Starting this week and continuing in waves, customers will be receiving packages in the mail informing them if they were selected for the migration and steps on what to do next.

Bell’s $3.9 billion CAD acquisition of Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS) was finalized in March, with the media giant announcing that it would distribute approximately 140,000 MTS wireless customers and 13 stores to Telus as part of the deal. In addition, as part of the Bell MTS transaction, Xplornet announced plans to launch its wireless network and will acquire 24,700 MTS wireless subscribers, but the company stated it is still “months” away from going live.

Telus says existing customers will keep their same phone numbers and new customers will be offered plans, rates, and features that are equal to or higher in value than those of their existing MTS plans.

As well, Telus says that because of a broader network sharing agreement between Telus and Bell, its new Manitoba customers will have access to significantly enhanced network in a greater number of places across Manitoba.

The first package being sent out will include a letter from Bell and a small insert from Telus that introduces the company to new customers. A subsequent “welcome package” will arrive in the following weeks, which is made up of a booklet explaining the transition process to customers and a new SIM card that is synched to their existing phone number. Also included will be information regarding the Telus helpline, retail locations, website address and more, should customers need further support.

Overall, the transition process includes three general steps that customers must follow:

1. review the details on the new package that Telus is offering and details of the former Bell MTS plans to ensure that they’re comparable

2. choose to either upgrade their phones or keep their current devices and follow the steps found in the package accordingly

3. the new SIM card must be installed

More specific instructions can be found in the actual packages sent out by Telus.

Source: The Winnipeg Free Press