Learn to Camp, the app for novice and veteran camper alike [App of the week]

Learn to camp find a park function

Every year Canadians celebrate the May Two-Four weekend in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday.

People tend to celebrate Victoria Day, by being with their loved ones, catching up on much-needed sleep, partying and also by getting away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life, which for some, could mean going camping.

In case you don’t know the first thing about camping — including where to go to camp — and need help planning this Victoria Day weekend, ‘Parks Canada Learn to Camp’ is the app you need.

Recipes with Learn to Camp apps

Learn to Camp features a variety of ways to help novice and veteran campers alike.

Starting with ‘Camping Basics,’ users of Learn to Camp are greeted with three different options, ‘Before Your Trip’, ‘During Your Trip’ and ‘After Your Trip’. Learn to Camp helps its users from the very first step of planning your trip, setting up the campsite, lighting a campfire and even planning your next trip.

Each step has either instructions or helpful tips for those seeking to camp or already on their trip and the app doesn’t require data or Wi-Fi connection.

Another feature that Learn to Camp offers is ‘Recipes & Cooking’ that list off a variety of delicious recipes for campers. What is great about the recipes and cooking section is that it differentiates the ingredients and how to prepare the meal.

This means that it starts off with the ingredients required and then explains whether or not any of the preparing needs to be done before you start camping. For example, for the kebabs, the recipe explains that parts of the kebabs need to be marinated.

Learn to Camp checklist

Next is the checklist. The checklist is another functionality offered by Learn to Camp and it allows users to make a list of desired items. The checklist offers very many options, such as equipment, kitchen gear, personal gear and it trickles down from there.

After the item on the list is packed users can either chose if they “got it, rename it or remove it.”

Finally, Learn to Camp helps users find a national or provincial park that fits their needs. The app lists information about the park, amenities the park offers such as a canoe trip or hiking trails, wildlife that can be encountered at the park and even insider tips.

The ‘Find Park’ feature also direct the user to the park, however, during my time with the app I found this functionality didn’t work very well.

Learn to Camp is available on the App Store or the Play Store for free.