Google makes $880 million bid to secure curved OLED display supply for Pixel 2 launch

Google Pixel

If all goes according to plan, Google’s next flagship smartphone, the Pixel 2, will feature a curved screen.

That’s according to South Korea’s Electronic Times, which published a report on Sunday that says Google extended an $880.29 million USD investment offer to LG Display to help the company boost its manufacturing output of curved OLED displays. Google made the offer in hopes of securing a stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its next Pixel smartphone, according to the report.

LG is still in the process of considering the offer. Should the company decline the offer, it then becomes unlikely the 2017 Pixel will feature a curved display, as there’s almost no other company that can currently manufacture OLED displays at the scale Google requires to meet demand for one of its smartphones.

Samsung is the only other major manufacturer of OLED displays. However, the company has committed the majority of its 2017 stock to the Galaxy S8 and 10th anniversary iPhone.

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