Google makes $880 million bid to secure curved OLED display supply for Pixel 2 launch


  • ciderrules

    Hey Google, don’t follow Samsung and make a useless curved screen just because it looks cool.

    • tremsr

      I second that.

    • JoMore

      I third that.

    • neo905

      I don’t get the fascination with the curved screen either.

    • h2oflyer

      Agree…. most of you weren’t around when they put stupid tail fins on cars.

    • neo905


    • Brad Fortin

      It looks pretty. Apparently there’s a big market for pretty phones, enough at least that millions of people are willing to prioritize form over function.

    • neo905

      Reminds me of when I bought a house 13 years ago and rounded corners instead of squared edges was all the rage.

      Then people realized you can’t really put door casings on rounded corner entrances. Then they realized if you had two different colours in a room the colours bled into each other on rounded corners because of the lack of a square edge. The fascination quickly died off and people went back to squared edges again because they are more practical. Same thing here. Form over function as you said.

  • Collin dubya

    Smart move, at this point there’s no way i’d throw away money on a phone that didn’t have a longer curved screen like the other flagships.

  • Garrett Cooper

    I looked at a demo S8 this weekend and it was a gorgeous device. But instead of upgrading, I got a smoking deal on a brand new G5 and will use that till the fall when the Pixel 2 comes out and use my upgrade on that. I wanted the original Pixel, but it’s still full price and the design is only ok, nice to hear the Pixel 2 could see a nice upgrade.

  • Jerid Elzinga

    Wait, are we talking curved corners like on the LG G6? Or like Samsung curved edges?

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