Twitter considering premium subscription tier after 11 years of being a free service

twitter periscope

In the latest segment of Twitter’s journey to profitability, the company is considering a paid subscription tier for its popular curation platform, Tweetdeck.

The service has grown its user base to over 319 million, though has faced obstacles attracting enough ad revenue to ever turn a profit. Over the past year, Twitter has introduced several new features to its platform in the attempt to captivate its users, to little avail.

As a result, Twitter is currently conducting a survey to gauge the interest in a new, premium version of Tweetdeck. There is no indication, however, that Twitter would begin charging fees from all users.

Tweetdeck on Macbook

The service could potentially be geared more towards journalists, professionals and others using Tweetdeck in a professional manner, and may go on to provide an ad-free experience.

The fourth quarter of 2016 marked the slowest in revenue growth for Twitter since the company went public four years earlier. In addition, annual advertising revenue fell, which the company said would continue into the 2017 fiscal year.

Little else is known about potential changes to Tweetdeck.

Source: Reuters