Eye’s ‘coolest and dopest’ case ever puts an Android phone on your iPhone


  • Jason

    So you buy an $800+ iPhone then decide to buy a $189 case just to have a bigger battery, more memory, dual sim, sd card, headphone jack, etc. Sounds like you should have just bought and Android from the start.

    • Alex

      ya… but you know, this would be a bit more interesting if the screen flips out, so i can dual screen this like a game boy 3ds or something like that. lol

    • Jon Duke

      It’s the first step of a bigger plan to open the eyes of the sheeps. First, they get used to android stuck on their iPhone and then, they upgrade to a full android!

    • Yea… I think it’s more to give people a way to utilize both iOS and Android simultaneously, though I think the audience for this is very limited.

    • Jon Duke

      I agree. I think I’d try it out but I’m not a reference, I’m a geek so I try all the gadgets.

  • gremlin0007


  • David Brideau

    So… that’s a thing. I’m left speechless.

  • Brad Fortin

    This feels like a solution looking for a problem.

    • Stephen B Morris

      More like an idea that spawned from drunk tech nerds after a night of drinking. “Hey you know what we should do? Make a frankenphone! Yeah!!!”

  • Omar

    Eye. Maybe it spies on you.