Fire Emblem Heroes uses in-app purchases to limit how long players can play the game

Fire Emblem

In case you were excited for Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s next mobile title, here’s some bad news.

The title, which is set to be a mobile take on the iconic Fire Emblem franchise, requires a constant internet connection like Super Mario Run. As a result, players will be unable to play the game when they don’t have a data connection, making it impossible to enjoy the game on the subway, for example.

The more serious issue with the title, however, involves its microtransactions. While the game doesn’t feature the permadeath the series is known for, it will include an energy meter referred to as stamina within the game. This meter starts at 50 and diminishes at a rate of one point per level, with later stages depleting more of the resource. Also, only one point recharges per hour.

Of course, players have the option of purchasing ‘Orbs’ that recharge stamina and grant access to randomized heroes. Three orbs will run you $1.99 USD ($2.59 CAD approximately). While not a substantial amount of money, depending on how many attempts it takes you to complete a stage, these microtransactions could quickly add up.

While Super Mario Run is expensive, coming in at $13.99, I’d much rather purchase a mobile title at an outright cost, rather than repeatedly pay to play.

Nintendo will release Fire Emblem Heroes on iOS and Android on February 2nd.

Via: Polygon