Tablet sales tally their worst quarter globally since 2012


  • Marc Palumbo

    It’s pretty interesting to see Windows shipments almost double and the others are declining. There is still a market for people that was a full PC but in a much smaller form factor. Would it be naive to assume that people see iPads and Android tablets as toys, which can be seen to do the exact same things on a phone, but a Windows tablet may incorporate some of that toy ability couple with the ability to do work?

    My best guess here is that people may still see tablets as a toy, but still need a full PC. I’m not sure as to why Apple hasn’t explored having Mac OS merged with iOS in some capacity in a tablet. Wouldn’t the iPad Pro have been the best time to do it? They’ve had plenty of time plus almost infinite resources to complete this.

    • Sky

      Agreed. It’s a small niche that uses their tablets for work (and even then, usually it’s as a peripheral, not a main computing device). The rest of us use our tablets as gaming and multimedia devices. The most work we might do on them are e-mails.

    • vn33

      I’m among the “rest of us” who uses my tablet as an eReader, browse Internet, and watch videos. For those purposes alone, it’s hard to justify to spend hundreds of dollars for a premium model. As a matter of fact, my current 7″ tablet is an Amazon Fire, $39 (on sale) which I flashed with an alternate ROM to replace the FireOS that came with it.
      Best Bang-For-Buck gadget I’ve ever owned !

    • Marc Palumbo

      Ya but the big problem is that tablets last. Most people leave them at home, so they’re not as susceptible to breaking like phones are. Those that have iPads, do you still use a laptop or desktop (Mac or PC) to do whatever? or were you able to eliminate this from your personal space at home?

    • ChrisPollard77

      Yep. My Nexus 7 (2013) stays in the living room for checking on stuff during shows, figuring out what other show we saw some actor/actress on, quick email check, e-reader, and playing a few games during down time. That’s what they’re perfect for.

      Unless a tablet is running a full desktop OS, they’re very limited in what real work you can do on them. At work, I run three monitors. At home, I run two and wish I had a spot to put a third. You can’t do that kind of multi-tasking on a tablet.

      They have their place, but they’re the ‘main’ computing device of very few individuals. And for what they do, they’ll pretty much do it until they die of hardware failure, so there isn’t a big push to upgrade. Kind of like 5 year old laptops aren’t getting replaced as much … because for _most_ people, they still do what they want them to do just fine. If they need a boost, drop in an SSD and it’s like a new machine.

    • Maxx Richard

      Except after you factor in shopping it to Canada, and duty it comes up to 90$. I know, I got a fire stick and shipped it Canada through a courier and it came up to 90 something $.

    • vn33

      I was fortunate enough to have relatives brought it up for me. However, IMHO $90 is still a pretty good price for a decent 7″ tablet. However, you do need to flash it with one of the Android ROM to get the max out of it.

    • Maxx Richard

      The only reason why I haven’t gotten one yet is because I mainly want a tablet to read magazines on zinio but I’m not sure if the fire tablet’s screen is big enough.

    • vn33

      I also read magazines from Zinio, and I can tell you that 7″ screen is too small (for me). I have an HP TouchPad and that is more comfortable to view a magazine screen. Viewing a 7″ screen is more like reading a paperback.

    • demigod79

      Yes, the advantage that Windows tablets have is that they are fully-functional laptops as well. Although you can use them in tablet form for casual work or consumption there is always the option to connect a keyboard and mouse and use like a laptop (and you can also connect external monitors and use like a desktop).

      Traditional Android and iOS tablets do not have this luxury – if you want to do any serious work or play then you need to switch back to a PC. Spending $1000+ on an iPad Pro seems downright silly when you can get a SP4 for a similar price.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Let’s stick to Apple products for sake of argument. If you have an iPhone 5S or 6 and you have 1500$ to spend for the next 3 years and you need a computing device assuming you have nothing. I would think a MacBook would be the way to go here. Regardless if all you need is for browsing or checking email, at least if worse comes to worse, you’ll have a more versatile computer instead of the iPad.

    • demigod79

      Yes, between a smartphone and a laptop/desktop you don’t really need anything else. I do wish Apple would consider incorporating a touchscreen on the Macbook though. It makes it so much better for casual couch consumption. I usually use my Surface Pro 4 with the keyboard folded back and touching my way around (I rarely use a mouse because touch is so convenient).

    • Marc Palumbo

      Oh ya for sure. I’m pretty much a Windows fan, but even when it came to buying a tablet, I opted for the Surface 3. It was cheap and I use it to play games. But if I travel and I really need to do some work or use VPN to my work PC or Home, well the Surface dows the job. Even on some cr@ppy Atom processor. But I’ll always need a PC just for work purposes. I just don’t know or see a reason to get an Android tablet. buying it would be unnecessary.

    • Longtin

      Android Tablets as well as iPads are more than capable of doing “work”. Just download Google Drive and you’ll be set. Many people use these Tablets for work. I do agree that Microsoft is also creeping up, I personally believe the factor being money, and the fact that most people own PCs over Macs. Yeah if there’s a cheaper alternative to the overpriced Apple products, a lot of consumer-savy people will choose Android or Windows hands down. If you have a Macbook than I understand the want for the iPad.

    • MassDeduction

      A sufficiently powerful Windows tablet can run Photoshop, specialized enterprise software, and a great deal more that Android tablets can’t. It’s not that an Android tablet can’t do any work, it’s just that Windows tablets can do a wider variety of work. And arguably can do it better as many of them are designed with that in mind, as opposed to it being an afterthought like I think it is on Android tablets.

    • Longtin

      Google – Android are working together with adobe to provide Photoshop. You can run it on a Chrome – Chrome OS. Their tablet is also $1,100 – I’d prefer a windows laptop at this point for half the price.

  • Croc Ography

    As MS does tablets justice the other still continue to sell toys in a shrinking market place. I have to admit the MS Surface is an amazing piece of equipment.

    • Marc Palumbo

      yes! The iPad Pro had the opportunity, but IMo, it’s a flop. There’s no good reason for someone to buy it. Maybe if it had some functionality like OSX, but it doesn’t. The iPad Air 2 can survive quite a while. I know people that bought the Pro just to have a larger screen. Consumer behavior is definitely difficult to estimate, but I assume people like to buy what’s popular and possibly the most expensive things. I mean if your buying the iPad Pro just for screen size, then priorities are mixed.

  • Ipse

    I have done my part…I have 3 🙂
    Jokes aside, I still find that the 4 yr old Moto Xoom still does well for browsing, emails and music….so no wonder people don’t upgrade.

  • demigod79

    The tablet ship continues to sink, no real surprise there. And as usual, Apple is leading the charge downwards as consumers shed premium-priced tablets for cheaper ones (makes sense as tablets are only used for casual consumption, which most generic tablets can do).

    It’s also nice to see that Windows tablets are also continuing to soar. It’s no wonder why everyone and their grandma are copying the Surface, as this is where the new growth area is. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Windows tablets surpass the iPad by this time next year.

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  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    Apple’s strategy of raising tablet prices even in US$ by calling the new 9.7″ a “pro” is good comedy. Then having one of the new features, the pen, as an additional fee is icing on the cake. Expect to see their tablet sales continue to slide.

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