You can now pre-order the PlayStation VR core bundle in Canada

PlayStation VR

Responding to an expressed interest from PlayStation owners, Sony has revealed that its PlayStation VR core Bundle is now available for pre-order. The PlayStation VR core system is set to hit store shelves in Canada in October 2016 at participating retailers.

For $549.99 CAD, PlayStation owners can secure the headset, cables, stereo headphones and a demo disk.

Unlike the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle, which opened for pre-orders on March 22nd, the ‘core’ bundle doesn’t include a camera, which is required to use the system, or Sony’s Move controllers.

The launch bundle, priced at $699.99 CAD includes the VR headset, cables, stereo headphones, a demo disc, the PlayStation camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, and the PlayStation VR Worlds disc.

The disc includes five games designed exclusively for the PS VR Headset by SCE’s London Studio, one Sony computer entertainment’s developers. Their titles include The London Heist, Into the Deep, VR Luge, Danger Ball and finally, Scavenger’s Odyssey, a game that lets players take on the role of an alien treasure hunter on the hunt for legendary artifacts.

Sony warns that the system is likely to sell out quickly. If you missed pre-orders this time around, a second wave will likely go live this summer, ahead of the device’s October launch.

Canadians can pre-order a PlayStation VR Core Bundle from Walmart, Amazon, EB Games and Best Buy.

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