Sony announces PlayStation VR will cost $549 CAD, launches in October (Update)

PlayStation VR


  • one of the best prices so far. Basically a new console but still promising in price

  • Kyolux

    399 USD was what I expected, so I guess I’m happy with it.

    I’m pre-ordering as soon as it’s up on amazon.

    I really hope the dollar goes back up by October so we may actually get it for 450 or 500.. but I’m guessing that’s unlikely.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Sadly, I don’t expect it to go up much for a couple years.

    • Kyolux

      Probably not. But it went up again today.

      1.00 CAD = 0.768884 USD.

    • HelloCDN

      The dollar will no go up before 2017, in the best case scenario, so budget for the $549 CAD.

    • Kyolux

      In all likelihood, yes. But it did already went back up almost 10% in the last two months, so it’s not completely impossible.

      I’m pre-ordering on amazon as soon as possible. Don’t want to miss up on any pricing error that could happen between now and release.

      Still budgeting for the 549 + games amount, etc. anyway.

  • Gumbopudding

    Just give me a GTA or Saints Row type game and I’m sold on it.

  • 1messager

    Why everything cost so much in canada danmit! But i’m happy they release the price and everything, it just really far away october o_O
    And i’m sure the ps5 will have a headset with 4k but nobody got time to wait that long…sword art online here i come! ^^

  • Gumbopudding

    I saw the playroom when they demoed it with that one game you play a big monster breaking things with your head. The playroom is just that, like a 3d kids room and you look around to select the game you want to play. So that monster game and many other little games are probably the free ones to get you playing out of the box. Probably have other dlable ones as well as time goes on.

  • MoYeung

    PlayStation VR headset will launch in October of this year for a suggested retail price of USD $399 / CAD $549.

    Canadian to USD exchange rate sucks … And we pay higher sales tax.

  • If they know you will need the camera, why isn’t it included? That’s like buying a car with no tires.

    • Olivier Labbé

      Because the Camera and PSMoves are an already existing set

    • That doesn’t make sense. They sell fries and burgers separately at mcdonalds but they don’t sell you a meal and tell you that fries and a drink come separately.

      That is kinda what this is. It is incomplete with the initial purchase.

    • Kyolux

      By March 2014, there was over a million PS4 camera already sold.

      These goes for $60+ MSRP. I don’t want to have to pay extra for the headset for an extra camera.

      They already confirmed a bundle that will come with the camera. You just have to get that instead. Or buy the headset standalone with a camera on the side.

      I don’t see what’s the issue. Unless you expected the $399 USD pricetag to include that $60 camera?

    • Of course I did. The ps4 stand alone price works without a camera.

      All I am saying is the real price for this device is $618. Sony should have come out and said that.

    • Kyolux

      So by this logic, the real price and bundle should include the actual PS4 and not offer an option without it?

      I understand your frustration, but it would have been even worse if they had forced the millions of PS4 camera early adopters into paying more for something they already had anyway.

      And there’s plenty of time to get a discounted camera, they go for under $30 from time to time.

    • They should start out with everything you need to get it going out of box.

      They could have the bare version for those with the camera already but having everything you need in one purchase isn’t a bad thing.

    • Kyolux

      And luckily that’s going to be an option too.

      It’s definitely a PR move to only announce the price for the non-bundle box to make it sound as affordable as possible.

    • That is how I feel. The price with everything you need is still so much lower than the competition. They didn’t need to do the “As low as..” pitch, they had me at “no need for high end computer”

    • Kyolux

      Well, I’ve seen a lot of people online hoping for the 250-300 range, some expecting it WITH everything included at that price.

    • They will be harping worse than me

    • Kyolux

      Well, pre-orders are going up next week. But bundle with everything only. USD 499/CAD 699

      Congratulations! $150 for a camera and two move controllers (and a game that you’ll play once or twice) that you could get for under $50 altogether if you look around enough.

    • That would make it a lot easier for consumers that don’t want to shop around. The bundle is perfect, Sony has learned a lot since the ps3 launch

    • Kyolux

      While they clarified that there may actually be a pre-order for the non-bundle option, what you’re saying is that I should pay an extra 180$ for something I already have just so that people don’t have to pick up two boxes?

    • No, I wasn’t personally talking about you at all. I was saying the bundle should be there for people that don’t have the other pieces already.

      You could play it regardless but for someone who goes to buy it without knowledge or does an impulse buy would be very disappointed and that is bad for customer experience.

    • Kyolux

      I’m not against the bundle. But the people that don’t have the knowledge won’t be picking it up at launch, there probably won’t be any left for them.

      The demand is way above what they can produce for October. Germany’s pre-orders filled up in 25 seconds. UK’s was 5 or 10 minutes. These are people very aware of what’s required to use it.

      Anyway, I’m just a bit annoyed that they’re putting bundles for pre-order only for now and whatever’s left might be up for pre-order as a standalone.

    • You never know. The model for pre-order could be better, like with the ps4. The launch ps4 models were art work over the newer models.

      Not to mention you get it a while before others

    • Kyolux

      Yeah, we’ll see how it goes.

      Not sure what you mean about art work over the newer models? I have a launch ps4, what’s different with newer models?

    • The new ones are a bit smaller and and made of plastic. They also have buttons instead of the sensors that yours has.

      My cousin got the launch version and I like the look and feel of his over mine.

    • Kyolux

      Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Knew this was coming, but didn’t know they were actually out. The sensors are kind of annoying though, I have good eyes and I still have to look close-up to make sure I hit the right button whenever I doubt my memory about which is which.

    • You might like the new ones. You can actually feel the buttons to know which is which.

    • JayDDeeeee

      they do have a bundle for everything for people with out the camera… so i dont get your point

  • Theros

    Best “price” if you already have a PS4 w/ camera and two Move controllers… Bit disingenuous as if you don’t you’re looking at $720 before taxes (or $1150-$1200 depending on bundle if you don’t have a PS4).

    • Kyolux

      Still moderately cheaper than OR/Vive if you don’t have a PC that can make those work.

  • hardy83

    PS4 – $429
    VR – $549
    Eye – $69

    Move controllers $49 x 2.

    So in total, this option is around $1050-$1150 depending if you get two move controllers.

    While less than half of what you need for a Vive or Rift, that’s still a huge chunk of money.
    If you already have a PS4 it might be a nice option price wise, but if you don’t, there still isn’t really a consumer friendly mass market VR headset.

  • Omis

    $1000+ for VR? Have at it early adopters. Pick me a winner, and I’ll buy it for half the price next year.