Air Canada rolling out in-flight WiFi on international flights this fall

Air Canada has offered passengers access to in-flight WiFi for over two years. In partnership with Gogo, Canada’s largest airline has equipped 129 of its narrow-body planes flying across North America with in-flight Wi-Fi . The company has announced plans to rollout to Wi-Fi capabilities to international flights.

Air Canada stated that in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity will be expanded internationally this fall and the company will begin installing Gogo 2Ku satellite technology on its Boeing 777 aircraft.

Benjamin Smith, President, Passenger Airlines at Air Canada, stated, “Air Canada is pleased to announce it will offer customers the ability to stay connected whenever and wherever they fly by extending in-flight, North American connectivity to its wide-body aircraft flying overseas using satellite technology. While business travellers will welcome satellite Wi-Fi service as a productivity tool, it will have widespread appeal for all travellers by allowing them to stay in touch, access the internet and enjoy additional entertainment options throughout their entire journey.”

WestJet is another Canadian airline that has started to offer in-flight WiFi, but Canada does lag behind our friends south of the border, such as American Airlines, Delta and United who offer WiFi on over 80 percent of fleet.

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