Air Canada rolling out in-flight WiFi on international flights this fall


  • Mike

    “For the low, low fee of $1,999.00/minute you can stay connected anywhere you fly!”

    • ifly2

      $9 to access the Internet at 38,000′ above the earth, traveling at 80% of the speed of sound. I routinely pay more for a pint of beer. It’s not like they can just install a dlink router in the ceiling and the plane is good to go for wifi. What do you think they should charge for it?

    • Sanjay Kumar

      i recently flew with Air-Canada. And I found their rates for internet reasonable.
      But some individuals just prefer to get everything in their economic bookings.

    • Jesus McDongswoggle

      Next they’ll want top quality toilet paper in the airplane bathrooms

    • SSe

      On my Air Canada flight from Toronto to New York…its was just $4 bucks for internet

    • Mike Salamander

      how slow/fast was it?

    • Juice Box

      Gogo’s webpage sells day passes for $16 for laptops or $8 for smart phones (24 hour pass valid for single flight; not clear if this is US or Cdn). Crazy, they offer weekly/monthly/annual plans on-par with cells plans on the ground. I’m glad I don’t fly enough to need that!

      How good is it? The service is not intended for streaming, but has anyone used it and can comment on speed?

      I don’t ever fly for business, so i don’t really need it, but at least now i won’t have to wait until we’ve landed to share my instagram pictures of the airplane sandwich i just spent $20 on. This is going to take my photography to a whole other level! Literally!

    • EChid

      Yeah, for what I can accomplish during a flight the price seems well worth it. One thing to mention: The Americans may be ahead of us in terms of implementation, but many of their planes don’t have plugs, meaning productivity (and the value of their service) is limited by your computer’s battery life. Air Canada offers plugs on almost all of their flights.

  • Nadefrenzy

    That’s good to hear, but unfortunately AirCanada is a joke of an airline when it comes to the international sphere. Emirates/Turkish Airlines ftw.

  • systemupdate

    Look you pay around $50 to $60 per months for your home internet probably. So that would be $60/30=$2. Now your travels are usually 1 day and mostly 1 flight. hence, if you pay around $2 to $3 I think that is a fair price. But I think even around $4 would be ‘ok’.
    I hope that for those who have connecting flights with the same airline, they could still use the same login info for internet.

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