Uber’s CEO talks risk, regulation and women in tech



  • ShaBi

    I’ve always been curious, as to what makes people want to drive for Uber? Sure, it’s a good part-time job, but even if you drive full time, you don’t get any job benefits or employment status. Everything from gas, insurance, liability, to the maintenance and mileage of the car is on the driver themselves. There is no guaranteed income. Basically, Uber is making money off the drivers, without providing much of anything for them. So…..why?

  • Ragnar Dragonfyre

    Honestly, I’m most interested in what happens when autonomous cars hit the market.

    All these people making money with Uber will suddenly find themselves unemployed as Uber stops being the middle man and has their own fleet of cars.

    My prediction is in the long term, Uber will exasperate this race to the bottom and when all is said and done, they’ll be the only ones making money in the taxi industry.

    Professional driver as a career will be a thing of the past.

    (Not that I care for the taxi industry, I have some horror stories… but this race to the bottom is impacting many industries. The mobile app market for instance.)