A winner in the wireless charging battle is no clearer at CES


  • TomsDisqusted

    If possible, please tell us the efficiency of these standards: how much energy is wasted.

    The ones that work over a distance must be terribly inefficient, but other then that it is hard to know.

  • Andrew English

    When there is so much energy around us it still surprises me how primitive we are when it comes to consumption of energy.

  • Frederick The Great

    What is the big deal surrounding wireless charging really? Is plugging a phone into a wall or cigarette lighter that big a deal?
    I think as a society we are getting lazy and ridiculous about ideas like this that do nothing other than add to the cost of devices and appear to make it more convenient because the idea of using a cord is so passe.
    I for one would not pay for this feature and could care less if its ever mainstream.

    • rick

      Think about airports, buses, trains, your car, your desk at work or at school, boardroom meeting tables, anything with a flat surface really, or how about even your pocket. Set down your phone and it charges. Finding a cable and AC plug is ok in your home or at night, but Wireless charging widely available has nothing to do with laziness. Further – physically plugging in your device is simply a vector for exploits. Again, if you are plugging in physically to a known location no issue. But until someone fixes the battery longevity issues – a better strategy and standard for wireless charging should be pursued.

    • ArcillaR

      “But until someone fixes the battery longevity issues – a better strategy and standard for wireless charging should be pursued.” I completely agree.

    • ArcillaR

      I’m suprised ios doesn’t have their own type of wireless charging capabilities. Having to open and close your charging port while using a rugged case not only causes stress on the port cover but gets tedious very quickly. Imagine, putting all of your devices on a plate without any cables attached to them so they can charge.

    • rick

      They’re more interested in removing headphone jacks.

  • downhilldude

    Samsung seems to have figured it out (For the time being, anyway): If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…both!

    Samsung works with anything commercially available, right now. Ikea, Starbucks, McDonald’s, every vehicle, etc. Way ahead of the curve by incorporating both leading offerings.