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Microsoft launches PowerApps, a solution that makes building business apps easier

Microsoft PowerApps

With the quality and availability of business mobile apps lagging behind those in the consumer space, Microsoft is launching a new initiative today called PowerApps that aims to narrow the so-called business innovation gap.

The service includes several features to help ease and expedite the creation of business-focused apps. The first, and likely most important, is that those creating software with the suite don’t need any coding knowledge to get started; an Office-like program allows app creators to use a visual interface to starting fashioning their software.

Likewise, publishing the apps is made easier. Instead of pushing an app to an online marketplace, a program created with Microsoft PowerApps can be sent to everyone in company via an email attachment. Lastly, apps created with the service can easily plug into other cloud-based services like Dropbox, Salesforce and OneDrive.

Microsoft says it has tested PowerApps with organizations like Bose and Metro Bank, who have  have used the service to build things like a recruiting solution, as well as software designed to handle the company’s customer relationship management data.