Next-gen mobile bank Koho partners with Visa in preparation for January launch


  • Corrode

    Sounds like this would target my demographic, but no Interac is a deal breaker. I don’t carry cash but I do shop at lots of small and local businesses and I choose to use my debit card to keep the transaction fees to a minimum. Using credit puts more money in the pockets of lenders and less in those small businesses.

    I’ll take a look but won’t jump ship from Tangerine until Interac is offered.

    • Shawn

      Could always look at Zenbanx, great new bank, allows you to keep multiple different currencies in the same bank and will take it out of that currency when you take money out in that country. The founder of ZenBanx started ING Direct… I’m not going to post the referral link as spamming is annoying.

    • fruvous

      ZenBanx is a subsidiary of DUCA

    • vn33

      Also using Tangerine, and was using PC Financial before. Just wondering what Koho would offer that makes it more appealing then the above? If I’m reading the article above correctl, Koho only offers VISA prepaid card? Not true credit card then? Sooooo… Really, what IS the advantage with Koho?

    • Corrode

      Ah, didn’t notice it was prepaid only. Yeah, what’s the advantage here. Sounds like I need to lower my expectations, not raise them.

      Gonna take more than a fancy app to get me to switch.

  • fruvous

    I don’t know how comfortable I feel with all those people involved in making any transaction.

  • Riot Sxx

    This is a fail…

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