Apple Pay badge now appearing in Canadian Apple Maps

Apple Pay

Apple Pay launched in Canada last week. Several businesses quickly adopted the mobile payment platform, including Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Esso and Indigo. In addition, companies like Starbucks, Ticketmaster and Uber have added the payment option to their respective apps.

Apple has added Apple Pay badges to Apple Maps in Canada. This badge is an icon that indicates whether the mobile payment service is accepted at a retailer. To check for a location, say Tim Hortons, open up Maps and type Tim Hortons and under the description you’ll see the badge appear.

apple pay badge

Apple Pay is enabled at all merchant locations currently accepting contactless payments for American Express. In addition, the service will work across the country at Apple retail stores, Chapters / Coles/ Indigo, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Petro-Canada, Esso, Staples and Roasters. It will also be coming soon to Aldo, TTC, Pizza Pizza and Delta Airlines.

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