Demand has caused BlackBerry to push Priv shipments to November 23rd


  • Columbo

    It’s not so much “shipments delayed” as it is that if you order now it won’t ship till the 23rd.

  • dc2000

    A good sign… this might be enough to take back some market share, 2%.. maybe 5%? won’t be the 70% or so it had but might hit as high as 10% in the next few quarters.. I bought one, 4 people I know also bought one(one coming from a Note 4, another from a Nexus 5) other two coming from legacy BlackBerry devices(BB10). Only thing stopping this from selling is the $399 on-term price. Match the Nexus 6P at $199 and you’ll see this sell of store shelves. Also the speaker on it is… average. I was expecting Boom sound. BlackBerry needs to make sure they fix this for “version 2” if the demand is as good as they say it is. Other than that. I’m satisfied with my Priv for now. I unplug it from the charge at 5am, and by 8pm its at 73%. Mind you I have my other phone I use mostly due to my migration process, but it’s a great phone.

    PS: Forget about BlackBerry Launcher, and download a 3rd party launcher(I use Nova). BlackBerry Launcher seems to crash a lot….

    • Benny X

      it’s hard to have ‘Boom sound’ when the Priv doesn’t have stereo speakers!

      (One of the things I like about my older HTC device is its front-facing ‘Boomsound’ stereo speakers. I think FFS’s should be standard on every device!)

    • kroms

      Wait till you hear how many were returned.
      This is no where NEAR as good as the Nexus 6P, not even close.

    • Chuck

      BB10 is not “legacy.” it’s way more advanced than Android. Maybe in a couple years the world will be ready for it.

    • dc2000

      It isn’t? So when BlackBerry went to BB10 from BBOS 7 that didn’t turn the older OS to a legacy status? Face it, BlackBerry is turning to Android, BB10 is finished except for a couple security updates. I’m a veteran BlackBerry user… I call a spade, a spade. BB10 is done, and rightfully so. It might be a secure OS, but the lack of apps, widgets(useful information shown without opening an app), and lacks the customization of Android. Even having all your icons dumped onto the home screen is how legacy BlackBerry devices behaved. It’s annoying. I have to use a 3rd party paid app on BB10 just to space out my icons. You shouldn’t have to do this…it’s not a great OS, it’s good… but not great. Not saying Android is either but it gives the end user a lot more options.

    • Chuck

      Well, it’s hard for me to say that an OS that is so dumb that it can’t keep a video playing in the background while I do something else is even in the same league as BB10. I never see icons on my Passport because I have active frames giving me updated information from apps currently running… so pardon me if I’m not too concerned with their spacing. BB10 is a realtime OS. It can do many many things that Android will never be able to do and do them well. It’s so annoying to tap on a widget in Android and wait 15 seconds for the app to open (because it’s not truly open in Android, just spying and eating juice. So annoying how clunky that OS is, even with Octacore processors. No, I ain’t going back.

      Is BB10 dead? I doubt it. They’ve sold tens of millions of units over the past couple years. Not many accustomed to this level of tech will settle for something as inept and outdated as Android. I predict that many people will return the Priv after not being willing to deal with the limitations of an old fashioned icon-and-widget single-tasking OS.

    • Raj Brar

      I love how in BlackBerry 10 you can play a video, or other media file with Google screen off or minimized. They have countless number of great features in BlackBerry 10. It is too bad that the Platform didn’t take off. The Passport was a great device in a boring Mobile world. We can look forward to more Android devices from BlackBerry. They will s their keyboard and other productive features to other Android user if the Priv fails.

    • Krisen

      10s of million that’s really wishfull thinking. I agree bb10 is a fantastic OS but blackberry has not been updating it a much and there are still many annoyances. There is no turning back now. Blackberry is a niche android maker like HTC.

    • dc2000

      Music playing in the background? You mean in a HTML browser? Yeah, Android can do that too… LOL. You’re speaking with someone who has a BB10 device still, I know what I’m talking about. Tap on a widget and wait 15 seconds? You clearly haven’t used Android. My widgets are in real time displayed on the home screen. Smh, quit talking out of your rear end and actually familiarize yourself with Android before talking all this smack about it. BB10 reminds me of iOS, basic as hell. Android is where it’s at, we may have different opinions and that’s fine. There’s a reason why Android is doing so well globally… BB5/6/7 was okay and BB10 was a bit better but Android’s Priv is on point..

    • MegaMoneyMan

      Beauty, they say is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s true that BB10 lack all those popular apps; but to suggest that the OS is not great is very naive. That OS is undoubtedly the most advanced on the market today. It’s true that the best may not necessarily be the most popular, but we need to at least be objective and voice out the truth.

    • Jhoncarlo


  • J.S.Bach

    I think an underrated feature of this device is the micro SD slot. Not only does it give large inexpensive storage it also means you can remove the card and retrieve your data if the phone is damaged or fails (which happened to me)

    • White Raven7

      WAMOZART, hey buddy how have you’ve been?

    • Hey Stupid is a Pole Smoker

      That’s not me. That’s another ìdiot who likes pretending he’s me because he suffers from obvious multiple personality disorder. Other than that I’ve been good. Dont post at Stackhouse anymore. I see you dont as much either

    • White Raven7

      Alright, hang in there, take care. Later

    • vn33

      So .. are you the original JSB? How did you lose your ID ? Didn’t know Disqus allows multiple accounts with same name ?

    • J.S.Bach

      No, this is the real J.S. Not sure who that other dude is. Trying to spoof me I think.

    • vn33

      Hahaha!!! No, it couldn’t be!! .. you sound too polite and decent l!

    • J.S.Bach

      Great thanks, and you?

    • cartfan88

      Hey suddenly you are posting reasonable and balanced comments? A glorious new age hath arrived!

    • Mo Dabbas

      I think he and all those who commented on him are the same person with different names. I don’t know what’s the point but the comments he does and the Replies are always at the same pattern. And when one comments all do comment, you gotta be really bored in life to wait for a random guy on discuss to comment just to reply to his comment.
      I might be wrong though. Anyway, I never even bother reading these guys comments or reply to any of them when they direct a reply to my comment.

    • Mr Bojangles

      Could give two shìts what you think Mo Dumbass except to say its not the same person but rather someone who thinks its funny to steal alias names and create confusion because he has no life

    • J.S.Bach

      Thanks. Have a great day.

    • cartfan88

      Sure, you too. Beautiful fall day out to relax and enjoy also.

    • Mr Bojangles

      You must be pretty dumb to think that’s actually me. Haha.

    • cartfan88

      Hang on who is this? Neil Diamond?

    • TheTruth

      Sounds like someone’s tune is changing now. You hated the Priv so much before it’s release. What happened??? Thanks for letting me win money off you though.

    • J.S.Bach

      Had a look at it rationally and decided it’s actually a pretty good device. Minds can be changed as it turns out.

    • TheTruth

      Well what can I say.. wonders would never end. Pity u spent so much time making yourself sound ridiculous tho but.. you are forgiven. Enough respect for owning up.

    • Raj Brar

      Are you the same Bach who is always and at the Passport and BlackBerry in general?

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  • Hey Stupid is a Pole Smoker

    This is indicative of how disorganized and backasswards this company is. My guess is demand has little to do with this delay and more to do with trying to iron out the bugs before they ship anymore faulty garbage.

    • cartfan88

      Welcome to the site. Hopefully with time you too can get educated and start posting useful and informative posts like J.S. Bach has started to.

      Prior he was just a lowly troll…but it looks like he got a Priv, and it was so good he turned from troll into well reasoned commenter.

    • vn33

      LOL! I’m so confused now!

    • J.S.Bach

      Thanks, I appreciate that.

    • aniym

      You’re probably right. The Verge and ArsTechnica largely dismissed the good parts of the phone to focus on the pre-release bugs. The MobileSyrup review at least mentioned that a bug fix that went out halfway through their review process fixed a bunch of the problems people had been reporting. They are probably looking to OTA another bug fix before more phones end up in people’s hands.

    • Raj Brar

      ArsTechnica said that the camera was mediocre. I doubt that people who buy the phone will even notice. If I ask most people – do you print your smartphone pictures? 99% will not do anything with the pictures except post them on social media compressed and blown up with filters. I rarely hear people tell me that my pictures on Instagram look terrible. Rather, my 8 Megapixel camera has taken amazing shots under good lighting. Most cameras struggle under dim lighting unless you have a strong flash or OIS. I take all these so called tech reviewers with a grain of salt. If they hate something, they will bash it regardless of how good it is.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    It’s a much better device than sales will indicate. Between the hub, physical keyboad, full sized screen and Android built-in, it provides an extremely unique mix of features unlike any other phone on the market. While it doesn’t suit my needs, I can think of a bunch of people off the top of my head who would probably swear by this phone if they ever gave it a chance, but i know they won’t, because it’s BlackBerry and its not cool anymore. It’s too bad, but that’s the way it is.

    • Mo Dabbas

      I would’ve got myself one of the price wasn’t so high. I’ll wait a bit for discounts and see.

  • Roger

    I played with a demo unit at a Telus store and wasn’t impressed with it enough to consider giving up my Note 4.

    • Chuck

      Why not? Seems like the Priv is much better. I won’t be getting it because it’s Android and therefore not even in the same class as the mighty Passport. But it’s quite a bit better than your common Android phone such as your Note.

    • Roger

      I didn’t particularly like the feel of slide-down mechanism. It wasn’t spring-loaded like the slide-up motion was, so I felt like I had to push it down all the way close. Then the keyboard wasn’t as good as I thought it would be considering that it’s made by BlackBerry. Having said that, the camera loaded up pretty quickly unlike some of the reviews said.

    • Chuck

      Hardware-wise, it has the fancy German camera lens, the cool rubbery glass-weave back. Its screen is much bigger than the iPhone 6S but total footprint about the same. Very large battery. Seems like the best hardware I’ve ever seen on an Android device.

      Software-wise, you have the hardened kernel, awesome keyboard, Hub, Dtek.

      It can’t hold a candle to a true BlackBerry like the Passport, but it’s considerably more premium than any Android device.

    • Roger

      To each its own, I guess. The camera hardware is good, but software lacks in features and it doesn’t let you use 3rd party camera apps from what I’ve read. The material used in the back feels great. While screen to footprint ratio is pretty good, I wouldn’t compare it to an iPhone as it’s one of the worst in that regard. I don’t care for Hub and Dtek stuff.. it looks like you can use Dtek on other Android devices anyway.

    • J.S.Bach

      I think the camera is a big factor because most people ONLY use their phone to take pictures so it was a good choice by BlackBerry to have a top notch camera.

    • Mr Bojangles

      Get real Chuck. The Passport is a piece of shît compared to anything else out there today. A totally useless phone with no developer support and useless behind sending an email or text which any device can do today. BB 10 is dead. Wake up man

    • Raj Brar

      Note 4 is pretty new and has touch wiz. If you are already used to the was Samsung does things then another phone may not compel you have switch.

  • KiwiBri

    oh hell, people want this, let’s start actually *making* them 😉

    • Raj Brar

      The problem is that they have assured carriers stock. They have underestimated demand for haters unlocked devices. They probably made 100,000 units thinking they will sell that in two months (much like the Passport). Most of the ord for unlocked device got backlogged. They expected 95% of carrier orders which they are obligated to fill.

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  • Mike

    Didn’t we hear this when the classic and passport were launched?

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