Tête-à-Tête: HTC Vive vs. PlayStation VR – Which VR headset is more impressive?


  • Andy S

    Ahem…Oculus is still at DK2. You should have saved your bit until they are all out on store shelves.

    • We’ll be revisiting them again when the full retail versions launch, but for now, this is just a comparison of how they currently preform in their current builds.

  • LarZen

    What I’m hearing from people that have tested the kitchen demo on PSVR. Is that’s it’s awesome… And HTC Vive won’t come out before next year…

    • HTC has said multiple times that the Vive is launching in Holiday 2015, but that it will release on a wider basis in 2016.

  • purdy44

    Valve needs to take over the Vive. Rebrand it under Steam. HTC has tarnished its brand, and as a company I don’t ever see it recovering. Just the name alone on that headset will scare off a few people because they don’t want to buy a product by a company with an unknown at best and frankly bleak future.

    • Lyndon Boychuk

      Tarnished it how? I still have hope in htc and I think they have a bright future ahead.

    • allrollingwolf

      huh? How has HTC tarnished its brand?

    • I would love to see it branded as just SteamVR or ValveVR or HL3VR…. when I first heard HTC was partner I almost lost hope. I don’t know how they have tarnished their name but I am a cell phone repair tech and HTC phones, apart from complex design, can sometimes be very cheap build, at least the plastic portions of the phone. lets hope they dont come out with some sort of metal unibody design thats impossible to open up and fiddle with.

  • GPman

    I personally was OK with the resolution. It’s not top of the line PC or best ps4 quality but it was good enough for me as a fun experience, not an ultra real vr world. Last gen game graphic quality can be run in vr just fine. Now give me my VR vice city!

  • satori3000

    I’m very interested in this series, I would like to see the same take from Mobilesyrup on flagship phones. I see this kind of things from other sites, but honestly no one has the integrity of Mobilesyrup.