OPP says distracted driving charges were down by 38 percent during the Labour Day weekend

During the recent Labour Day long weekend the Ontario Provincial Police said it would be “vigilant” in finding and fining drivers who were brazen enough to text and drive. The goal was to inform Canadians to “drive responsibly and respect the lives of everyone on Ontario roads.”

In a note issued today, the police force said that its pre-Labour Day media blitz was ultimately successful, with 38 percent fewer distracted driving charged issued over the same time last year. Officers handed out 407 charges over three days.

Unfortunately, the number of head-on collisions caused by inattentive drivers increased 20 percent over the same period a year ago.

Chuck Cox of the OPP told media, “I encourage everyone to stay focused behind the wheel, and make smart decisions that could help save a life.”

The Government of Ontario banned the use of a mobile device while driving in 2009. Starting September 1st, drivers in Ontario caught using their handheld device while driving will now be fined a minimum of $490 and three demerit points.

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