Second Cup launches new Rewards program, available on Android and iOS


  • chriskayTO

    Not sure where you see Apple Watch support, unless you got your hands on an un-released version of the app. Also, it’s missing Passbook support, which is crucial.

  • wildting2

    If my math is correct, you’d need to buy roughly 33 coffees before you could get anything free. And that’s if you only ever buy coffees there…..

    • vn33

      IMHO McD coffee tastes better, and you get a free one every 7 that you bought

    • Mo Dabbas

      For the regular coffee many may not like (I personally like it). But when it comes to latte, mocha, espresso or any other specialty drinks they do a great job at it.
      I personally like their latte. Except for some small (local) coffee shops who do it really well, I think second cup latte betters other big franchises (including Starbucks).

    • BioFanatic

      Agreed, it’s not worth the effort of loading the app and scanning it just to save roughly 5 cents each time (when you break down the value per cup).

  • Rinedog

    No love for android wear?

  • If only they had coffee that I liked.

  • It’s too bad that Windows Phone, or even BlackBerry, isn’t supported. Looks like it will be a plastic card for those with those phones.

    • IgnoranceIsBliss

      Well, on BlackBerry, you could probably just install the android app and be good to go. I use the Starbucks android app all the time on my BB phones. On Windows though you are still out of luck.

      But I do prefer when a shop supports more than just Android and iOS. A local coffee chain in Ottawa (Bridgehead) has BB10, Android, iOS, and Windows. If they can do it, why not a larger company like Second Cup?

    • Almost Sober

      I already have the Android version loaded on my BlackBerry Passport and my Z10. Works like a charm.

    • matthaios

      How where you able to get the apk file? I’m having the hardest time finding it.

  • Lulzon

    They now have as many apps as they do locations in my city…

  • van_N

    Think I’ll stick with $tarbucks, one free every 12 (and usually faster with promos).

  • jack

    Sorry not for me, I do like their coffee but, Starbucks small coffee is $2 and after 12 coffees I get a free one so that’s $24 bucks, Second cup its $50 bucks or 500 points to get a free coffee ? maybe next time

    • John

      The difference is you have to go 30 times before you can qualify for the right to earn free coffee. It’s great when you have it but it’s still a lot of upfront investment. I’m more interested in the tailored surprises they’re speaking of

  • RayCRay

    Too bad BNOTIONS didn’t off the APK’s for blackberry and Amazon users so it would work on these devices as well.